Jet aircraft set world speed records using NH3


yellow pickup converted to NH3 for trip across USA


remote northern towns can become self sufficient for fuel using GreenNH3

bus in Belgium using NH3 as fuel in 1938

Ford pickup converted to use GreenNH3

engine compartment showing little change needed to use GreenNH3

farm tractor converted to use GreenNH3

freight train converted to GreenNH3

old pickup truck converted to use NH3 in the 1930s

The technology is now working everyday.

GreenNH3 patented machine makes fuel from simply air and water using clean renewable energy.(as low as 50 cents per litre July 2014)

Fridge size machines make Green sustainable fuel from air and water at any location where fuel is needed in any quantity.


  • We have two proven green ways to make the fuel and three green ways to use it.
  • Green NH3 is manufactured from simply air and water using clean renewable energy.
  • Not to be confused with brown ammonia which can come from coal or other fossil sources.
Green NH3 Outlook

Gord Miller past Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Canada endorses Green Ammonia.

Power* + Green NH3 Synthesizer = Zero Emission Fuel for less cost than gas and diesel

Producing NH3 as a green fuel

  • Only fuel except hydrogen that produces no greenhouse gases.
  • Anhydrous ammonia is an ultra-clean, energy-dense alternative liquid fuel.
  • Ammonia will power diesel and spark-ignited internal combustion engines, direct ammonia fuel cells, and even combustion turbines.
NH 3 converted truck under the hood

NH 3 converted truck under the hood

*Possible Power sources that can be used:

  • wind
  • solar (p.v.)
  • daylight (not p.v.)
  • low cost off-peak
  • shore tidal
  • hydro
  • ocean wave
  • ocean temp difference
  • ocean current
  • hydrothermal using chiller in reverse
The XLR99 engine used NH3 as fuel to acheive world air speed record which still stands. 

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Ontario Hansard

Ontario Hansard - 26-March2014 Mr. Ted Arnott: I have a petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. It reads as follows: "Whereas the people of Ontario are now paying over a dollar a litre for polluting carbon fuel and they could be paying half that for...

Attention Windfarm operators and utilities

GreenNH3 can store your off peak electricity to sell at peak times and boost your profits. Even during the day we drive by wind farms where only half are turning and wonder why just because the utility does not need the power right then, Why would they not be using...


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Letter to PM and Mr McGinty

GreenGas again sent registered mail to PM Harper and Mr McGinty reminding them ( as they have every six months for the last 2 yrs ) that there is a lower cost, clean, safe alternative to tar sands oil or drilling which could save Canadians money and help clean up...

GreenGas as Nuclear backup?

At the world nuclear energy congress in 2010 GreenGas sent a brochure to all the major suppliers of pump equipment and reactor designers from the supplied directory. It was the idea of GreenGas that at the reactors they should use GreenGas as a backup fuel for...