I need to relate a story told to me by my once partner to be (ex oil man) Matt Simmons just before his untimely death. Matt knew a lot about oil and gas and made lots of money from it, but at a point realized it was not endless. He knew most every oilfield in the world, and their content. He knew GreenNH3 was valuable. He wrote the book, “Twilight in the desert”.

Matt said fracking gas wells is like an empty jar of nutella. To start with there is 2 dollars of nutella in the full jar. Then when empty there is 2 cents of nutella left on the sides, much like an empty gas well. If you give the jar to your dog on your best carpet, the dog will get out that 2 cents of product, but what if he ruins a $200 rug in the process. The dog dosent care, its not his rug.