GreenNH3 has been asked to give pricing and full proposal for multiple wind to energy storage systems which could be used and duplicated in any Northern community.

Rankin InletThe systems will include large wind turbines for production of electricity on days of wind as well as GreenGas synthesis machines to produce GreenGas for tank storage. On days of wind the turbines will create GreenGas for use that day, as well extra GreenGas can be stored and used to power large IC gensets and scattered fuel cells for heat and Hydro on days of no wind.

Presently northern communities depend on shipments of diesel from the south sometimes costing as much as $5 per litre.

Also due to unforseen problems fuel is not available certain times of the year except by air delivery.

As well as price benefit GreenGas being a zero emissions fuel should make the settlements greener than most southern cities.