At the world nuclear energy congress in 2010 GreenGas sent a brochure to all the major suppliers of pump equipment and reactor designers from the supplied directory. It was the idea of GreenGas that at the reactors they should use GreenGas as a backup fuel for emergency cooling pumps rather than diesel. The idea was that the reactor companies could make their own fuel, rather than buying diesel.

The original idea was to promote the green side ( no carbon ) of the fuel and the fact it could be homemade at a good cost savings rather than having to purchase carbon spewing diesel. It was never even thought at the time that if Japan had been using GreenGas they could have stored it inside ( because it does not explode or burn) and unlike the diesel tanks could have remained intact to power the cooling pump engines and gensets needed to keep the reactors safe.

At that time it was never thought that the diesel would be inferior to GreenGas After the fact it is easy to second guess the engineers, but even today GreenGas has had no inquiries from any of many the manufacturers and designers contacted.??

Do they really want to be as safe as possible or appear to be trying to say they are safe. A GreenGas engine conversion and machine would cost less than one million dollars. How much has this nuclear incident cost??

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