Week of Feb 15-20, 2010. Majority leader McGuinty reminds Minority leader Harper, Ontario could use an equal share of the money now being spent by the feds in Alberta trying to figure a way to get the carbon out of Tarsand, for true Green fuel technology research and development in Ontario.

 When asked his thoughts on the situation a noted green fuels engineer said “even if they could figure a cost effective way to remove the carbon from oil, (which is not probable) it is still a declining resource, and not sustainable. Plus the environmental damage at the front end should not be allowed.” It is suspected the Alberta science is simply to give the appearance of action.

 When Mr McGinty did have some money to spend, he gives billions to ethanoland biodiesel, neither sustainable, and wind which can be good when paired with GreenGas, but no mention of GreenGas. “You can stand up as many wind turbines as you like, but without GreenGas.cc, it is still intermittent.”

 For crumbs of what has been spent foolishly, GreenGas.cc could be moved to the next level and marketed and shown to the world.

 Listen to the third part of the following CBC link for more inside info http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/2010/201002/20100204.html