Do you give a person a fish or teach a person to fish.
It is obviously better to teach them to fish so they can be self suffiecient in the long term.
Similar things are true with fuels.
If you give a village a can of fuel they are good for a day, but if they have a GreenGas machine they are up and running.

GreenNH3 is designing fuel machines small enough for remote villages. Some villages have wind setups already but most are very small. So a small size fuel maker is in the works to match these wind turbines. Two NGOs have contacted us and have sites to do installs.

With GreenNH3 once the machine is in place the costs are finished.
That installation can work and save to help create the next install.
For example in Haiti, if we put them back on the fossil fuel treadmill they will never come ahead, whereas with Greengas they have a chance.

Decentralization is the key to making the third world work. Large cities become black holes of disease and infastructure nightmare.
Yesterday on the phone with one of the largest aid organizations. He said “We need to get these machines out there working now”