In Spring 2009 Greengas was  interviewed to be on the Dragons Den TV show on CBC (the one billion dollar Canadian Taxpayer subsidized network).

The amounts of money invested by the Dragons was not enough to get Greengas up and running, but we thought the show might be seen by someone with the big money who would realize the investment potential.

After going through the interview process the man and woman said, they wanted us on the show, but could not, since our product (technology) had been vetoed by one of the Dragons who (he) was heavy invested in oil. Lets get this straight ?  If someone has a good invention, green or otherwise, no matter how much it could help Canada, or the world ( say a new cure for disease ?) you may not get on the CBC, if one of the Dragons is counter invested, say in a drug company?

Now its spring 2010, and the TV has ads for Frito Sunchips backing the Dragons Den show looking for new green ideas to help Canada.

We contacted  Frito and ask, if we enter, is the veto still in effect ?

They come back to say it is up to the CBC.

The CBC says the Dragons still have the Veto.

Why waste our time to enter only to be bumped again?

So watch your CBC and see half of the world, the other half will not be shown.

Sound a little like China TV?

Happy with your investment ?